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Mission editor patch

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago





I used to have lots of patches that did many different things,

but not everyone would download them.


So I have placed all the patches that I have made in the one installer,


So from now on if you want one of them, you'll have to get them all.



The site got a bit muddled so I ended up making just one Mass installer that does it all.


I hear you all asking :-

"but what does the new patch do",

Well it does exactly what it says on the tin.



1. Map Add-on for MCG

Installs player made maps made by me and others that just OWN.

(ARENA2 is one of the best multi player maps ever made) (By me I may add).


2. Single and Multi Maps for MCG

Installs all of the single and multiplayer maps made, that came on the MCG disk. These are designed for use in the mission editor of MechCommander Gold.


3. MadCat Add-on for MCG

Installs the Madcat J patch for MCG.


4. TGA Maker for MCG

( I altered this so it now prints off maps as well )

This little hack for the MCG editor lets you to make a TGA image of any mission or map you find out there.


5. Quickstart Utility for MC (I updated this so it now works with MCG)

( I was doing this all by hand till I found this little puppy)

This file allows you to save a multiplayer game, send it to others, and then start that game and you'll have all the mechs all ready in the FG's. It speeds up time from entrance to launch AND allows you to play with IS and Clan tech on the same team.

(I have placed already Modded mechs in the fg's, but still working on the patch)


6. Mission Extender for MCG

This is a edit for the MCG editor that allows you to put in more mission objectives, salvage, resources for objectives, giving 'Mechs in missions and a whole slew load of other stuff. Check it out if you like creating missions.


7. MCG Editor Patch

This nice little patch allows you to enter in far more units then the basic editor, and also allows you to place Port Arthur buildings on Cermak and vice versa. (For an example, Lets you place langtoms on Capbase) .










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